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  • gaza being bombed again is this cast lead II

    whilst the world’s eyes are on other parts of the middle east and africa israel has been making plans over the past weeks by their incursions and constant harrasment and killings to bomb gaza.

  • Rafah crossing closed

    30 jan 2011 – Rafah crossing is closed today – not sure when it will reopen – apparently Egyptian forces have left the Rafah border and are deployed somewhere else. 2 Feb 2011 – Rafah crossing bombed by Israelis – still closed

  • Egypt burns while Gaza awaits in their prison

    Whilst the scent of revolution is in Egypt and the incumbent puppet is still having his strings pulled by Washington as can be seen by his new cabinet – suleiman who of course helped to keep the Gazans in their prison by following Israeli and Washington orders has been named as VP! Not much of […]

  • Palestinian Authority = an outsourced arm of Israel

    What a farce, can you believe it, the PLO and Palestinian Authority (PA) want to sue Al Jazeera. Why to hide their inadequacies and put the blame on the heros of the moment for bringing out all the truth. Today we find out that the PA collaborated so much with the Israeli’s that they were […]

  • Palestinians in limbo after revelations

    Now that the Palestine Papers have been leaked where does this leave the Palestinians and their so called leaders who sold them down the toilet to a zionist state. If the Palestinian Authority (‘PA’) survives all of this it will be a surprise or maybe not if the people are not allowed any voice as […]

  • Secret Palestine Papers show PA duplicity to their own people and the world

    Secret papers revealed by Al Jazeera today shows that the Palestinian Authority agreed to concede so much land and even the Al Aqsa Masjid to the Israelis all without the agreement of their people in the West Bank. Now if it was Hamas I am sure that these would not have been conceded. So how […]

  • They come

    They come with their metal machines and their modern weapons encroaching space they deem as their own.  Fire spits from their tanks and rifles  all aimed at innocents gathering food from their fields to feed the biafran bodies  or broken pieces of cement to try to rebuild some of  their stolen dreams destroyed by the […]

  • second anniversary of Gaza massacre

    Today 27 December 2010 is the second anniversary of the deadly attack on Gaza by Israel. 1,400 Gazans were killed 5,000 Gazans wounded 50,800 Gazans displaced This operation was called ‘Cast Lead’ by the Israelis and the weaponry used was made in America and Europe so they are just as much to blame for selling […]

  • What Christmas 2010 in the Holy Land!

    Tomorrow is Christmas Eve 2010 and guess what out of 3,000 Christians living in Gaza only 300 have been given permission to go to Bethlehem for Christmas.  This is a time of religiosity for Christians and is one of the most important religous events in their calendar the birth of the prophet Jesus but they […]

  • Abu Rdeina Warns of Jewish Neighborhood Expansion Plan in Jerusalem

    RAMALLAH, June 28, 2010 (WAFA)- Presidency Spokesperson Nabil Abu Rdeina warned, today, of the Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee, approving a plan to expand Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, on the eve of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu meeting with U.S President Obama. Abu Rdeina said in a statement: We warn of such decisions and […]

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