Secret Palestine Papers show PA duplicity to their own people and the world

Secret papers revealed by Al Jazeera today shows that the Palestinian Authority agreed to concede so much land and even the Al Aqsa Masjid to the Israelis all without the agreement of their people in the West Bank. Now if it was Hamas I am sure that these would not have been conceded. So how much did the Palestinians know – I would say no consultations had taken place with them at all with all the shocking revelations coming out otherwise most of the world would have known and the debate that would have ensued would have never allowed it.

It now puts in place Israeli behaviour – because of all these negotiations and land being given to them in a silver plate they of course have nothing to lose and so stole the land anyway with impunity knowing full well it was being given to them in a silver plate. No wonder the PLO/PA were so quiet whenever land was taken by settlers and Palestinians being killed and harrassed and injured and when Gaza was being attacked there were rumours that they know in advance of the attack and not only that but they blamed Hamas!

Absolutely shocking and not surprising at all as PA/PLO always showed weakness in public now we know why they were desperately giving away the jewels for nothing but empty space. Thank goodness for who ever leaked to Al Jazeera for bringing it out.

To read the further here is the link – Al Jazeera. There are 1,600 papers

or the Al Jazeera version of Wikileaks – their transparency site

or read here in the following link – The Guardian

So why did the Israeli’s not accept the concessions and take all the land – certainly not for any altruistic reasons – could it be because they knew the world would go against them and call them bullys for bullying all the land from the Palestinians? Or because they knew they would be taking the land anyway no matter what? Or because they were wondering how to let the cat out of the bag and let on that a zionist racist state is what they were after all along, who knows but there sure is still no peace there just murder and mayhem and torture being enacted like a bloody horror movie to the poor Palestinians.

As has been seen over the years the PA has never cared about their own people in the West Bank but only their own personal and Israeli agenda. If they had cared then non of these concessions would have been made to to the Israeli’s. Has the PA/PLO actually ever wanted peace? If not what is their real agenda? No wonder the peace process for years never went anywhere which was so surprising and yet not so after reading the papers.

Facts – over 750,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails since 1967 currently over 70,00 currently jailed and being abused and tortured regularly


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