They come

They come with their metal machines and their modern weapons encroaching space they deem as their own.  Fire spits from their tanks and rifles  all aimed at innocents gathering food from their fields to feed the biafran bodies  or broken pieces of cement to try to rebuild some of  their stolen dreams destroyed by the same.

They come in stealth at night flying high in the sky with their engine blaring in the wind announcing dropped packages on their way down to annhilate  innocents going about their business sleeping, meeting friends or passersbys.

They come in the daylight on their whirly gigs aiming their WMD on innocently playing children as a show of strength and power.

They come on the towers aiming deliberately at the activists trying so hard to help and bring out the news of massacres to an unwelcoming world.

They come to the demonstrations with canisters and rubber bullets shooting all as if children playing at cops and robbers – indiscriminate shooting willy nilly.

They come daily without fail like the striking of a reliable clock to bully and maim leaving shattered lives and sickness and strife in their stride.

They come to kill and strangulate an impoverished people in the hope that the people of the land will leave.

They come to destroy religious buildings in the impunity they have forgotten the Most High and with this impunity they will fail no matter what.

They come in battle armour to kidnap any Gazan who tickles their fancy to rape and torture as they deem fit.

They come expecting to wound and injure and kill those who have nothing but pebbles to fight back and leave as if they are the victims.

They come on their gunships with ricocheting bullets killing and shooting the fishermen fishing for food to feed their loved ones dying of hunger.  They come to  shoot them on each foot to stop them from walking or taking out their boats.

The Gazans wait patiently praying for peace whilst shattered lives grow stronger when the enemy comes.





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