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  • Gaza comes to Scotland: rare chance to see Norman Finkelstein and hear him speak

    Al-Khair Foundation, charity, will be hosting a one day conference and evening fundraising dinner on Sunday 30 August 2015 at the Normandy Hotel, Renfrew. The purpose of the event is that Gazans find it difficult to leave Gaza on a daily basis and many foreigners are unable to enter Gaza due to blockades on their […]

  • hope over fear: gaza, palestine conference and fundraising dinner 30 august 2015 Glasgow

    HOPE OVER FEAR GAZA, PALESTINE CONFERENCE – BUILDING BRIDGES Sunday 30 August 2015 Normandy Hotel, Renfrew The conference will concentrate on finding concrete solutions to problems that Gazans and Palestinians face on a daily basis. Problems that we in other parts of the world can easily find or go and see someone by plane, train, […]

  • War Profiteers and the Roots of the “War on Terror”

    The article below has been taken from http://warprofiteerstory.blogspot.co.uk site in its entirety as i thought it was useful to know this information in context of Gaza and Palestine: “That there are men in all countries who get their living by war, and by keeping up the quarrels of nations, is as shocking as it is […]

  • Gaza International Airport

    The airport was created in 1998 and caused quite a stir as many Gazans had never seen a plane before in their lives. Time the world realises that Gazans have the right to their own airport and seaport with open spaces they can finally be able to live with goods coming in and have peace […]

  • Israeli assault on Gaza over 30 days in numbers

  • the never never land of peace processes

    Yep the peace process that never was has been duping the world for months whilst more and more land is being stolen under the feet of the world with lots of palestinians being killed and wounded indiscriminately.  Finally both Hamas and the PLO have seen sense and realised that the whole process was going to […]

  • Killers of Gaza

    Gaza over the last week has been terrorised constantly by a barrage of missiles from the air, sea and land by of course who else Israel.  Their rain of terror objective is to annihilate Gaza to oblivion and their excuse is the tinny rockets sent when the Israeli’s constantly send airstrikes to bomb Gaza every […]

  • fishy fish and imf a go go – what Hebrew – good time to know what your neighnbour talks about

    once again the israeli government have apprehended Gazan fishermen and stolen their crafts – surely they can afford to build or even buy their own?  Oh I forgot they are so busy crying poverty and all the injustice being done to them that they get freebies from the world leaders so not only do they […]

  • Egypt burns while Gaza awaits in their prison

    Whilst the scent of revolution is in Egypt and the incumbent puppet is still having his strings pulled by Washington as can be seen by his new cabinet – suleiman who of course helped to keep the Gazans in their prison by following Israeli and Washington orders has been named as VP! Not much of […]

  • They come

    They come with their metal machines and their modern weapons encroaching space they deem as their own.  Fire spits from their tanks and rifles  all aimed at innocents gathering food from their fields to feed the biafran bodies  or broken pieces of cement to try to rebuild some of  their stolen dreams destroyed by the […]