List of banned goods into Gaza

here is a list of goods not allowed into gaza due to their possible misuse as weapons of israeli destruction:

  1.  sage    2.  cardamom   3. cumin   4. coriander   5. ginger   6. jam   7. halva   8. vinegar   9. nutmeg   10. chocolate   11. fruit preserves   12. seeds and nuts   13. biscuits and sweets 14.   potato chips   15. gas for soft drinks   16. dried fruit   17. fresh meat   18. plaster   19. tar   20. wood for construction 21. cement   22. iron   23. glucose   24. industrial salt   25. plastic/glass/metal containers   26. industrial margarine   27. tarpaulin sheets for huts   28. fabric (for clothing)   29. flavor and smell enhancers   30. fishing rods   31. various fishing nets   32. buoys   33. ropes for fishing   34. nylon nets for greenhouses   35. hatcheries and spare parts for hatcheries   36. spare parts for tractors   37. dairies for cowsheds   38. irrigation pipe systems   39. ropes to tie greenhouses   40. planters for saplings   41. heaters for chicken farms   42. musical instruments   43. size A4 paper   44. writing implements   45. notebooks   46. newspapers   47. toys   48. razors   49. sewing machines and spare parts   50. heaters   51. horses   52. donkeys   53. goats   54. cattle   55. chicks

Here is a list of restricted items ie may depend on Israeli pms levels at the time who knows if allowed in or not:

hearing aid batteries  /   light bulbs  /  lentils

It should be noted that Israel permits some of the “prohibited” items into Gaza (for example: paper, biscuits, and chocolate), on the condition that they are for the use of international organizations, while requests from private merchants to purchase them are denied.

here is a list of permitted food – after the israelis have carefully calculated how much a gazan can just barely survive and no more – so they are strictly limited amounts allowed into gaza – look carefully at the list it is truly shocking what is not there rather than what is:

frozen meat, fish, and vegetables
vitamins and oil for animal feed
empty bags for flour
medicine and medical equipment
feminine hygiene products
toilet paper
baby wipes
shampoo & conditioner
soap & liquid soap
laundry detergent
fabric softener
dish soap
glass cleaner
floor cleaning fluid
cleaning liquid for bathroom use
insecticide for household use
salami meat
canned meat
canned fish
sponges for cleaning dishes
sponges for washing
mopping rags
cleaning rags
all canned food except canned fruit
za’atar spice
black pepper
powdered chicken stock
trash cans
wastewater purification powder
glass – 200 trucks
water coolers + heaters
mineral water
Tahini (sesame paste)
hair brushes
hair combs
wood (for doors and window frames)
soft plastic bags
fertilized eggs
pesticides for agriculture
soil for agriculture
particles for soil dilution
chemical fertilizer
plastic buckets
plastic crates for fruits and vegetables
plastic chicken cages
egg cartons
cartons for transporting chicks
fiberglass and plastic trays for planting
various kinds of agricultural seeds
eggs (for eating)
greenhouse nylon
various kinds of veterinary medications and
animal feed


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