Egypt burns while Gaza awaits in their prison

Whilst the scent of revolution is in Egypt and the incumbent puppet is still having his strings pulled by Washington as can be seen by his new cabinet – suleiman who of course helped to keep the Gazans in their prison by following Israeli and Washington orders has been named as VP! Not much of a change as one can see. Gaza is quiet and restless on one side there is the Egyptian unrest and on the other are wary wondering what the Israeli’s will try to do whilst the world’s eyes are on Egypt. They await and see if any changes coming to Egypt will also help and ease their situations.

What is sad though is that 68% of Palestinians do not believe the Al Jazeera cables and still believe that their only saviour is Abbas and his henchmen and that Hamas is still bad. Pity they are keeping their heads under the ground like ostriches as Hamas would never have sold out their people like Abbas and his henchmen have. Yet is it not true that many people do not like being told something bad and end up blaming the messenger – as one can see this syndrome right now in their blame of Al Jazeera.






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