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netanyahu the slayer or should it be the Israeli serial killers


Gaza has been in such intensive bombardment that crazy chief inpector dreyfuss or should we call him in another incarnation …Read the Rest

Egypt burns while Gaza awaits in their prison


Whilst the scent of revolution is in Egypt and the incumbent puppet is still having his strings pulled by Washington …Read the Rest

Palestinian Authority = an outsourced arm of Israel


What a farce, can you believe it, the PLO and Palestinian Authority (PA) want to sue Al Jazeera. Why to …Read the Rest

cultural terrorism – erm what – palestinians killed at sea


Crys are coming out from Israel that so many artists are cancelling gigs in Israel and how hard done they are because it is their government who is at fault – aye right. Did we not hear how much they agree with their goverments actions but as soon as this happens the worm turns and calls it ‘cultural terrorism’. Yeah right they are being terrorised. Don’t the palestinians have a right also to have artists coming freely to their land too?