Palestinian Authority = an outsourced arm of Israel

What a farce, can you believe it, the PLO and Palestinian Authority (PA) want to sue Al Jazeera. Why to hide their inadequacies and put the blame on the heros of the moment for bringing out all the truth.

Today we find out that the PA collaborated so much with the Israeli’s that they were considered an arm of their security forces within Palestine – armed to kill their own people who not only opposed them but also their handlers the Israelis. They have direct telephone lines to shin bet! Helping the PA to kill their own people ie those who opposed the PA, Israel and occupation. The Palestinian Authority since 2003 were more concerned with keeping total political control and getting rid of Hamas who they deemed their enemy more than Israel. All helped of course by their other friendly handler the Americans.

The British secret services also aided the PA in capturing and showing how to use torture of prisoners especially Hamas – all of course thanks to the policies of Blair, our ex democratic dictators policies. Time Blair was taken to the Hague and charged. All this done of course without the European Union knowing as the Europeans at the time wanted to have Hamas to be part of the peace process. But of course the EU fell into line with Dayton and Bush policy – weak EU – shame on the European Union.

There have been rumours and Hamas has been mentioning over the years similar stories but they were taken as the sore loser making up stories by so many and pooh poohed by the PA and their handlers. Now the truth has come out – what does it show but that the only true group who really cares and wants to unite the Palestinians and to fight for a Palestinian state is actually Hamas not the present incumbents.

Abbas and Erekat are accusing Al Jazeera for smearing them and their political party Thand both received a heros welcome including Qurei. That is so disgusting – are these people so ignorant and so proud and think that nothing will happen to them and so confident about their own temerity that they will be forgiven as long as more lies ensue from their mouths to convince themselves and everyone else that what they did was for the good of the Palestinians. Of course the PA people will gather to support their own people because they cannot show their guilt in public but will of course like sheep reinforce their guilt by blaming innocents, to save face. But what will saving face get them and sticking their head under the mud, like ostrich? Nothing but more derision internally and worldwide. Instead of listening to those who do not care about the Palestinians they should be listening to their own people and helping them.

So what did the PLO do with all the zakat which they control in the West Bank? They control what is being said in the masjids by the imams, soon the rhetoric will be pro-Israeli if they are allowed to get away with it in subtle tones. So many imams have been banned from preaching, over 200 apparently, why because they are resistors against Israel. So where is the freedom in Palestine then? Who are the terrorists in the West Bank? Is it Israel or the PA or both and their handlers? Dictatorship looks like under the guise of freedom

Shame on the PA and their sheep of supporters and their continual insistance that Hamas was to blame even today and it was Hamas who was doing the torturing and killing and they are innocent. Does that sound familiar? Is not the only morally correct and democratic country in the world who is their handler the one who continuously gives out the same phrase ad nauseum?


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