What Christmas 2010 in the Holy Land!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve 2010 and guess what out of 3,000 Christians living in Gaza only 300 have been given permission to go to Bethlehem for Christmas.  This is a time of religiosity for Christians and is one of the most important religous events in their calendar the birth of the prophet Jesus but they are not allowed to go and celebrate as they see fit.  Why because the murderous thugs and zionists won’t allow them and are truly truly bad people.  If anyone tries to stop them celebrating their religious festivals huge hullaballo would occur and crys of anti-semitism.  Not only that but the whole of the West Bank and Gaza are deprived of trade and are shut down while the zionists celebrate their festivals freely.  God forbid that the Christians or Muslims dare try to celebrate.  It is so disgusting and sickening that this is happening in the 21st century.

What is even worrying is that the Christians do nothing worldwide about insisting on their festivals be held en masse in the Holy Land but instead endorse the policies of the Israelis.  It is as if the religious side has gone and the greed, ultra right thugs echos and presents have taken over so much that the Israeli’s know they can get away with depriving those who care deeply of their religious roots.

I pray real peace comes to the Holy Land not the kind being imposed by a draconian apartheid state.  Funny how there was peace and all religions could come and go and observe their religion in peace when the Muslims ruled.



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