second anniversary of Gaza massacre

Today 27 December 2010 is the second anniversary of the deadly attack on Gaza by Israel.

1,400 Gazans were killed

5,000 Gazans wounded

50,800 Gazans displaced

This operation was called ‘Cast Lead’ by the Israelis and the weaponry used was made in America and Europe so they are just as much to blame for selling and even giving for free their arms to an apartheid state who has no compunction or morals in killing the innocent.

Today Gazans are slowly dying, the water is contaminated, only a small amount of food is allowed in and God forbid if the Gazans try to grow anything, the might of the Israeli armed forces is sent to bomb their fields daily and the arms all freely supplied by a grateful USA and Europe – shame on them.  The children of Gaza are undernourished, unemployment so high that it is so sad.  Gazans have been deligitimized by the World Leaders but we the people who care will continue our grass roots struggle to legitimize and bring Israel and it’s allies to account for the massacre and supply of arms.  By boycotting all companies who sell any goods made in Israel, divesting from any company that has even one tiny dealing with Israel, from bringing out more and more the atrocities and explaining clearly to the world the policies of an apartheid state.





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