Palestinians in limbo after revelations

Now that the Palestine Papers have been leaked where does this leave the Palestinians and their so called leaders who sold them down the toilet to a zionist state. If the Palestinian Authority (‘PA’) survives all of this it will be a surprise or maybe not if the people are not allowed any voice as can be seen by the revelations coming out. What about the refugees? Did they ever have a chance of return or a normal life at least not in a claustrophic camp but free to come and go and have a sense of belonging?

Betrayal of Palestinians by their own leaders is shockingly disgusting. The PA is currently robustly denying everything but if it is not true why is there no peace or even any movement? Why because the PA were not representing their people but had their own agenda to sell out and run away by blaming their own people for their uncompromising stand against Israel and how that undermined the peace talks. Aye right they sold everything and those brave Palestinians standing up to their rights and land have more gumption and brevery in their wee bodies than an entire PA cabinet.

After the anger and the fighting where will they stand? With the PA or Hamas or some other?

Shows that the Americans have no concept of empathy or is it just condi rice by saying ‘bad things happen to people all around the world all the time’. How insensitive. Yet that is the farce, reality and tragedy of negotiations between the Palestinians and the zionist israelis.

It is said that those who do bad have ‘bad on their faces’ and for years the same black look has been on the faces of the PA leaders.





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