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  • Palestinian Authority = an outsourced arm of Israel

    What a farce, can you believe it, the PLO and Palestinian Authority (PA) want to sue Al Jazeera. Why to hide their inadequacies and put the blame on the heros of the moment for bringing out all the truth. Today we find out that the PA collaborated so much with the Israeli’s that they were […]

  • Palestinians in limbo after revelations

    Now that the Palestine Papers have been leaked where does this leave the Palestinians and their so called leaders who sold them down the toilet to a zionist state. If the Palestinian Authority (‘PA’) survives all of this it will be a surprise or maybe not if the people are not allowed any voice as […]

  • Secret Palestine Papers show PA duplicity to their own people and the world

    Secret papers revealed by Al Jazeera today shows that the Palestinian Authority agreed to concede so much land and even the Al Aqsa Masjid to the Israelis all without the agreement of their people in the West Bank. Now if it was Hamas I am sure that these would not have been conceded. So how […]