cultural terrorism – erm what – palestinians killed at sea

Crys are coming out from Israel that so many artists are cancelling gigs in Israel and how hard done they are because it is their government who is at fault – aye right. Did we not hear how much they agree with their goverments actions but as soon as this happens the worm turns and calls it ‘cultural terrorism’. Yeah right they are being terrorised. Dont you feel sorry for these poor people deprived of pleasure – erm nope. What about the poor palestinians who have been deprived for years? Don’t the palestinians have a right also to have artists coming freely to their land too? Problem with Israel is they want their cake and eat it too no matter what the outcomes are as long as they have it their way. Time to wake up to the world – theirs a new reality coming out – a whole new dawn and your ways are no longer being tolerated or considered acceptable.

4 poor Palestinians were killed out doing diving exercises by the trigger happy Israelis – of course the spin doctors from the Israel say that the divers were militants and they had stopped an attack on Israel. erm not really as fatah have verified that these were out doing exercices not attacking – the lies keep getting caught. Hamas has said that there is a fifth person missing. May they rest in peace.

German Jews are sending a wee boat with about 16 jews on board to Gaza to try and break the blockade let’s see how they are treated on their way there.





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