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  • Israeli assault on Gaza over 30 days in numbers

  • Killers of Gaza

    Gaza over the last week has been terrorised constantly by a barrage of missiles from the air, sea and land by of course who else Israel.  Their rain of terror objective is to annihilate Gaza to oblivion and their excuse is the tinny rockets sent when the Israeli’s constantly send airstrikes to bomb Gaza every […]

  • cultural terrorism – erm what – palestinians killed at sea

    Crys are coming out from Israel that so many artists are cancelling gigs in Israel and how hard done they are because it is their government who is at fault – aye right. Did we not hear how much they agree with their goverments actions but as soon as this happens the worm turns and calls it ‘cultural terrorism’. Yeah right they are being terrorised. Don’t the palestinians have a right also to have artists coming freely to their land too?