hope over fear: gaza, palestine conference and fundraising dinner 30 august 2015 Glasgow

gazaposter-new7HOPE OVER FEAR


Sunday 30 August 2015

Normandy Hotel, Renfrew

The conference will concentrate on finding concrete solutions to problems that Gazans and Palestinians face on a daily basis. Problems that we in other parts of the world can easily find or go and see someone by plane, train, bus or boat which is denied to Gazans and in many cases those in the West Bank too.

Speakers at the evening event are:

Imam Qasim – Chairman of Al-Khair Foundation

Manual Hassassian – Palestinian Ambassador to London

Norman Finkelstein – son of holocaust survivors

Aamer Anwar – Human Rights Lawyer

They can’t leave and we can’t enter therefore let’s build bridges together and help to break down all barriers and give hope over fear.

Day time activities include 4 FREE workshops (health, emergency services, education, business & construction), Palestinian stalls and Palestinian exhibition.  Exhibition and stalls are open to the public for the workshops we request registration to those interested as our numbers are limited for the rooms to 150 per workshop registration.

Do you have a few spare hours a week?

Can you teach, mentor or help those in need with advice to help them off their feet?

Can you teach how to build houses without cement?

Can you answer yes to any of these questions and/or think of other practical ways to help them via skype or webcam or other technological means then please come and join us on 30 August and give Hope over Fear to Gazans so that they can have a semblance of a life amongst the provocations and rubble.

Let’s show Gazans hope by giving a few hours of our time per week to teach via webcam and to also mentor start-ups or businesses already started and share our experience. If you have a few spare hours are a teacher, businessman/woman, retired, builder or in the emergency services and would like to help please do register for the FREE workshops so that we can give hope over their daily fears and assure them that we are there for them.

In the evening, there is a dinner with auction with speakers. TO REGISTER AND ATTEND THE EVENT PLEASE CLICK HERE



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