fishy fish and imf a go go – what Hebrew – good time to know what your neighnbour talks about

once again the israeli government have apprehended Gazan fishermen and stolen their crafts – surely they can afford to build or even buy their own?  Oh I forgot they are so busy crying poverty and all the injustice being done to them that they get freebies from the world leaders so not only do they steal by stealth but also by crying about their poor plight whilst the real victims the Gazans and all Palestinians are denied even the basic rights of living in peace, food, fresh water, electricity and a life.  Gaza fishing zone is actually 20 nautical miles under the Oslo Accord (dead by the way) but Israel imposes a 3 mile zone constantly firing on the fishing boats as well as the buildings on shore – they call it target practice by the most ‘moral army in the world’! Personally it is murder and mischief to try and steal more land must be something in their pysche that they behave in such a way?

What is interesting though is that the Israeli settlers are constantly fighting not only the Palestinians but have recently accosted the UN and Chilean delegations.  What does that say about such a nation?

Palestine listed as Gaza and the West Bank has now become only the fifth Arab country to become a member of the Special Data Dissemination Standard, or SDDS, on April 19 – an IMF body – CONGRATULATIONS Palestine. SDDS is a standard by the International Monetary Fund to guide countries in the dissemination of national statistics to the public.

Finally someone in Palestine has some sense Hebrew is being taught in Gazan schools so that at least they can not only understand but also speak the language of their enemy.  Good on Hamas who have done a good job in Gaza despite all that has been sent against them.  They just need to remember that being just and fair is better than to go down the line of all those who torture and do things which are unjust cos once they start following that it is hard to go back.







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