flytilla – shame on the europeans who have lost their sense of justice again

today hundreds of friends of Palestine were supposed to have flown into the Palestinian territories in support of all in the West Bank and Gaza but once again the evil Israeli’s have once again persuaded the world that they the ‘poor misunderstood’ nation of the world needs help to stop the unarmed activists.  The Israeli’s once again have shown that there is no democracy and they are more scared of unarmed civilians of all ages cos the contrast of their peace movement exposes Israel’s brutality.  The Europeans once again have acquiesced and stopped many of the friends of Palestine from either entering their flights or cancelling their tickets.  Funny how blind they become as soon as a certain country cry’s wolf.  These so called Europeans who cry for peace for Palestine on the one hand and show their duplicity on the other.  Shame on  the world’s governments – how much longer will you all suck up to a country which needs to be shown the ‘naughty corner/step’ for continually trespassing beyond human bounds?  Have these governments actually looked at the definition of the world ‘terrorist’ at all?  Maybe they need a wee reminder?  there are plenty of dictionaries online for them to see and one thing should stare them straight in the face a country called Israel who slots in the definitions mmm how strange.  there was also a video shown of an IDF soldier beating up an activist using his m-16 on the face – this is a nation which insists it is the only democracy in the middle east and who are continually in denial when one sees their record of atrocities as they continually of course say they are fair in their treatment of all.  yeah right

An interesting article about the complicity of airlines especiallylufthansa definitely worth a read especially as apparently lufthansa was unable to fly to germany for 45 years – ah the duplicity of many is truly eye opening – they truly speak with forked tongues.





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