the never never land of peace processes

Yep the peace process that never was has been duping the world for months whilst more and more land is being stolen under the feet of the world with lots of palestinians being killed and wounded indiscriminately.  Finally both Hamas and the PLO have seen sense and realised that the whole process was going to never never land so they have now signed a peace truce hurray they should have done this years ago instead of listening to the dirty lies of the israeli’s.  Of course the Americans and Israeli’s are calling foul with lots of words such as ‘terrorists’ etc and that it is all the fault of the palestinians that the peace process has died aye sure we all believe that not.

Of course whilst all the never never land of peace processes was going on the Egyptians listening to the Israeli’s have completely stopped anything going into or out of Gaza all under the guise of course of ‘terrorism’ – aye sure.  At the same time the biggest donor Qatar and other gulf countries have stopped donating and are not helping Gaza – this is so sad as they had some kind of a lifeline which was better than nothing now it is left to us the people of the world to help them and also those in the west bank who are suffering terrible settler attacks against them.



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