netanyahu the slayer or should it be the Israeli serial killers

Gaza has been in such intensive bombardment that crazy chief inpector dreyfuss or should we call him in another incarnation Netanyahu and his board of serial killers have been let loose to do as they so wish upon a helpless people with all the world leaders blessings and green light.

Every 3 minutes there is a bomb going off in Gaza, the death count is over 180, injured over 2000 and over 80% are children and the Israelis call it defending themselves.

the world leaders keep bringing up – but it is Hamas fault for letting of rockets and try to hurt those poor helpless israelis who have the arsenal of hell on their side compared to diddly Hamas bombs.  Hamas has never broken their side of the bargain ever ever ever when there is a peace truce but the madmen of Israel have within days if not weeks.  Every single day over the last few years Gaza has been bombed by Israel and Hamas keeping their word has not fought back.  That shows how honourable Hamas and Gazans are not like the snake in the grass Israelis who couldnt keep a piss in their pockets even if they wanted to.

How much can a nation bear if they are targetted day after day after day and called by the so called world leaders of so called democracies terrorists. It is as if the world has turned topsy turvey good is bad and bad is good.  Definitely evil in the air of a new world order that knows nothing about sanctity of life, morals and honour.

Because of the European guilt for the holocaust they stole land from the Palestinians and gave it to madmen instead of sending them off to a shrink to get their heads normalised after their trauma. Now what do we see a land where the jews used to live in peace with the arabs, who ran the land and they were safe and had no holocaust, and they anhiliate them.

Whole familes murdered, children maimed and killed what kind of defence is this?  This is not war but genocide on a mass scale using illegal chemical weapons and the madmen of israel have said they will continue.

End game to force the Gazans off their land so they can take a land grab why cos of the Gas which belongs offshore to the Gazans – so not only theft of land but also theft of their assets.

You would have thought that people who had been through the holocaust would never allow this to happen to anyone else but think again the holocaust is them killers, torturers, murderers of the innocent the incarnation of evil and hitler and what he did is now being manifested via the israeli serial killers on the helpless Gazans whose only fault is that they are Gazan and no other reason.

My hats off to Hamas who over difficult years have tried to keep the land safe I pray that they will continue and defeat the Israelis in such a way that they will never forget and will always be wary of trying their atrocities again. though the israelis are not alone the world leaders are letting them continue mostly islamophobic.

The arabs they are too scared probably shitting in their pants in case they lose their power and their luxurious way of life or the Americans decide to bomb them too or even expose their complicity or pecadillos  in so many different things.

Oh Arabs the Sahabas and the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the Gazans have the same spirit in them that of true jihadist and fighters of what is morally correct and defeating the irreprehensible.  Your turn will be coming just as the Israeli one is coming.









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