Killers of Gaza

Gaza over the last week has been terrorised constantly by a barrage of missiles from the air, sea and land by of course who else Israel.  Their rain of terror objective is to annihilate Gaza to oblivion and their excuse is the tinny rockets sent when the Israeli’s constantly send airstrikes to bomb Gaza every week.  Who in their right mind would accept such a thing happening to them constantly and not retaliate with what they have to hand and in this case these are just tinny rockets with a few pieces a bit more sophisticated but not as sophisticated as the arsenal Israel is using thanks to the UK and USA and EU and those other countries willing to sell or give (as in the case of the USA) to them.

By targeting Hamas leaders Israel knew full well what would happen – did they think that the Palestinians would just lie down and say good on you Israel please do keep targeting and killing us we love you so much that we will never show resistance – aye sure they must live in la la land the Israelis.  Not only that but to think that they are David and Goliath is Gaza is such a misnomer that one can only look at them with incredibility and think arsenal, nuclear weapons, planes, warships are they truly deranged?

Israeli elections are soon so they need to put terror of rockets in the mind of their citizens so no peace and lies and misinformation will be in their pyschi and guess what the murderers will be voted in.

Last night their was total all out annihilation and Armageddon against the Gazans and no peace yesterday because the israeli’s refused to respond their acquiescence or not and now we know why.  While all this is going on the Butchers of Gaza are massaging the Israeli ego by saying Israel has a right to defend themselves and Gazans and Palestinians don’t?  So emboldened by the victory of Obama thanks to their AIPAC lobby they have been allowed their butchery.

Anonymous has hacked many Israeli sites wonder if they found anything interesting then it would be Israelileaks?

List of the Killers of Gaza all those who have said Israel has the right to defend itself and not Palestinians – the blood of innocents is on their hand:

Netanyahu et al

Obama – he has a cheek when he says that no country would tolerate this yeah what about their drone attacks on Pakistan?

David Cameron

Tony Blair – so called mid east peace envoy

Harper – canadian pm

Catherine Ashton – very surprised at her

Angela Merkel – no surprise their guilt of over 60 years notwithstanding they should know better and do the right thing.

PALESTINIANS HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND THEMSELVES they are humans just like you and me. Stop your governments making the wrong choice by sending mails, emails, phoning and constantly calling non stop until they realise supporting Israel is no longer viable no matter what.

Timeline of events: will continue later but if you have any more names please pass on and will add on to the killer list








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