Gaza comes to Scotland: rare chance to see Norman Finkelstein and hear him speak

Al-Khair Foundation, charity, will be hosting a one day conference and evening fundraising dinner on Sunday 30 August 2015 at the Normandy Hotel, Renfrew.

The purpose of the event is that Gazans find it difficult to leave Gaza on a daily basis and many foreigners are unable to enter Gaza due to blockades on their crossings from two countries.  The day is about finding solutions for Gazans and is non political, there is 60% unemployment in Gaza and the highest rate of kidney failures in the world is in Gaza.

The day will be in two parts there will be stalls showing Palestinian goods and information on Palestine and four workshops which will be live with Gaza during the day and in the evening a fundraising dinner. We all have skills we can transfer and help someone in Gaza to help them rebuilt their lives and to become self sufficient and to give them hope over fear.

The keynote speaker will be Professor Norman Finklestein who is an American Political Scientist and an expert on the Middle East. He is motivated by the experience of his parents who survived the warsaw ghetto and his father who also survived auschwitz concentration camp. Profession Finkelstein is currently raising money for Al Awda Hospital in Gaza which was damaged in 2014.  For those who want to learn about the Palestine Israel conflict and hopefully help the beleaguered people of Gaza.

Since the last Gaza war in 2014 where over 22,000 buildings were destroyed and thousands made homeless these houses have not be rebuilt and many people are either living over the rubble of their houses under the skies or have found shelter in cemeteries with just canopies to cover them from the heat of the sun and from rain.

The workshops will be to identify key areas where we can help Gazans and there are many people here who are unemployed but with skills and cannot get jobs because of lack of experience. By helping someone in Gaza and teaching them skills, mentoring or other means via webcam/skype for a few hours a week means a win-win situation for both parties.  On the one hand Gazans get valuable experience shared with them so they can help themselves and those here gain experience by helping in a humanitarian way and at the same time gaining the experience they need for a job. On the other hand there are many people who are retired and this invaluable resource would be really useful to help.

Morning Workshops – 10am to 1pm

Education – currently a student in gaza who has done an online course with a Scottish university but unable to attend her exams in Alexandria as crossing for raffah is closed – let’s find solutions so that they can do their exams in Gaza rather than trying to cross borders which is impossible for many to do. Let’s facilitate their education. So many schools were destroyed

Emergency services

Afternoon Workshops – 2pm to 5pm

Business and Construction – there is 60% unemployment in Gaza and no cement entering unless via UNWRA in the old days we all built houses before cement was invented am sure many people have skills to teach them those in Gaza how to build using the natural material there houses and buildings without cement. Let’s mentor a start up or an established business, help them build solar panels from scratch and other things that will help them.

Health / Medical – natural health remedies / medical personnel to work closely via webcam etc with hospitals in Gaza giving advise etc

They can’t leave and we can’t enter therefore let’s build bridges together and help to break down all barriers and give hope over fear.

For this purpose the website was bought to give Gaza hope over their daily fears.

Exhibition and stalls are open to all for the workshops we request registration to those interested as our numbers are limited for the rooms to 150 per workshop registration

To buy tickets for the evening fundraising dinner and hear Professor Norman Finkelstein speak



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